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a day on the town for dominique strauss khan.
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his first since the rape allegations. tonight we learn more about why the case against him seems to be fallinging a35r9. and the hottest new trends in fitness. mini runners swear by them. so why is the army banning these shoes? and a disturbing start to the holiday weekend. the deaths of three swimmers in as many days prompting a warning to all beachgoers at the outer banks. good saturday. i'm craig melvin. we start with concern on area roadways. preventing drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel an a weekend full of parties. tonight as police saturate the roads to catch drunk drivers we learn a crash that killed three may have involved alcohol. derrick ward is along 395 in arlington. good evening, derrick. >> good evening, craig. there's drivers probably already that shouldn't be out here. this 4th of july weekend, police from about half a dozen northern virginia jurisdictions are
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cracking down. before the sun had risen on this 4th of july weekend our area had already experienced a crash with fatalities. three people died when they can lost control on mississippi avenue southeast and they say speed and spirits may have factored into this crash. >> there is evidence of alcohol but we can't say for sure if that's part of it. >> the pain to the victim's family, unimaginable. >> there was a knock on the door stating they wanted to speak to the parents of the kid. and said that they had passed in a car accident. >> reporter: as the saturday sun set, police from several northern virginia jurisdictions were mobilizing for their weekend crackdown on drunk and impaired driving. they're calling it extra eyes for dwis. >> we're sending a message we won't tolerate dwi. >> 32 officers, that's 64 eyes. and some will be in cars you may recognize and others you may not notice until you cross the line.
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but they won't be sitting at check points. >> they can be selective in -- if they're specifically targeting drunk drivers you look for driving behavior. with a checkpoint there's a lot of mandates and processes you have to adhere to. >> reporter: they doubled the number of officers involved in the effort this year while messages like designated driver or take a cab if you're going to drink or driven home all year long but invariably, there will be those that get behind the wheel when they shouldn't. >> i think they get caught up in the spirit of a party or holiday event and make a bad decision to get in a vehicle and drive away. >> reporter: the message, make the decision to drink and drive and your trip may be diverted and you'll end up riding in one of these. last year within effort like this netted 12 drunk drivers and got them off the road and they hope to double that number this
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year. back to you. >> derrick ward along 395 in arlington, thanks. today, dominique strauss khan enjoyed his first full day of freedom since being accused of raping a hotel maid. he was released from house arrest yesterday. ron allen, tonight, with new information on how the case against him is starting to crumble. >> reporter: prid, after leaving court free on a promise to return and with a $6 million bail and bond back in his pocket. strauss khan dined at this exclusive manhattan restaurant, reportedly running up a $700 tab. while today, new details about what led prosecutors to question the accusers story. a 32-year-old house keeper at the hotel. sources close to the investigation said she telephoned an alleged drug dealer after the incident to talk about how to profit. now "the new york times" reports that that person was her boyfriend in an arizona jail and
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she says words to the effect of -- don't worry. this guy has a lot of money. i know what i'm doing. a conversation prosecutors just reportedly translated days ago from the woman's native african dialect. >> if these allegations are true, it seems like this case is so compromised that the only thing the da's office should do is dismiss the indictment and get rid of the case. >> it's a fact that the victim made some mistakes but this doesn't mean she's a rape victim. >> the prosecutors admissions that she's been untruthable about a variety of topics makes her difficult to put on the stand. a letter the prosecutors sent to the court that the woman now says she did not report the incident to a supervisor immediately but proceeded to clean a nearby room and then strauss khan's room as well. they say she admits filing false tax returns and misrepresenting
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her income to continue living in public housing. and there's this. prosecutors say the woman told them an emotional story about being a victim of gang rape in her home country and later admitted that never occurred. >> that was ron allen reporting. prosecutors have yet to drop the charges and legal analysts say the multimillionaire has the resources to fight those charges for as long as it takes. it is already a sad holiday weekend for one neighborhood. a deadly fire ripped through a home. the fire broke out around 1:30 this afternoon on shore drive in eblgwater. a woman and her elderly mother were trapped inside. firefighters rescued the older woman in time but her daughter didn't make it. neighbors who tried to help tonight are denver stated. >> you initially just want to run in and try to do whatever you can but you can't see. you get close to the door and it's so hot and you just can't
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do anything and you just fear. fear just engulfs you because you know there's people in there and you can't do anything. it's helplessness, it's absolute helplessness. >> at this point no word on how the fire started. it is one of the biggest events of the year on the national mall. the 4th of july celebrations. but a gathering of this magnitude also presents a significant security event as well. this is the first independence day since the raid that captured and killed osama bin laden and that will be adding an extra layer after security concern this year. law enforcement authorities say you may not notice a change in security but behind the scenes, it will be a bit more intense this year. >> security is that which you will not see. a combination of technology and plain clothes officers and lots of enhanced ways to improve safety. >> the mall will be closed for
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security sweeps from 6:00 until 10:00 on monday morning and then at 10:00 visitors can go through security checkpoints to get on to the mall. fighter jets scramble when a plane flies into restricted airspace with the president. that story coming up. and a warning to beach goers on the outer banks after three people die in the water. and the search for the person who holds the golden lottery ticket worth more than $100 million and it was sold at a northern virginia grocery store. we'll tell you about that. and the army is banning this new popular fitness trend but the reason why might surprised you. and kim martucci will give us the fireworks forecast, what's the word? >> can't ban the rain showers but i think you'll be okay for the holiday. the holida[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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dangerous rip tides have left three swimmers dead this weekend along a stretch of the outer banks. officials say three people have drowned since thursday near atlantic beach. the authorities are asking people to stay in shallow water where they can stand for the remainder of the holiday weekend. fighter jets scramble today to intercept a plane that entered restricted air near the presidential retreat. the authorities tried to contact the pilot but he didn't respond and that's when fighter jets
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escorted the plane to hagerstown. the obamas are at camp david for the weekend. the last time they were there, fighter jets had to intercept another plane that entered the air. both cases are believed to be accidents. sending the wrong message. >> the army says "no thanks" to a new running trend. and we could see some strong storms this holiday weekend. stor[ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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[ crowd cheering ] and 500 miles from home... [ cheering, cellphone beeps ] ...we finally had a new home. [ male announcer ] from pre-approval to closing, citi is with you every step of the way. what's your story? citi can help you write it. prince william and kate's north america trip continued today with a visit to a children's hospital in montreal. a small group of protesters
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including members of a separatist group showed up at the hospital. they were outnumbered by devoted fans that came to greet the newlyweds. earlier in the day they planted a tree at the ottawa government house symbolizing an everlasting marriage. someone in our area is $107 million richer tonight. a giants grocery store in herndon, virginia, sold a winning ticket. the lottery officials say the winner has not come forward. folks get out your tickets. here's the winning numbers, drum roll please. 12, 17, 30, 45, 47 and the megaball, 26. if you've seen them you've probably done a double take at those five-finger running shoes. they are quite strange looking. so much so, in fact, the army has banned them. according to the "washington post," the army believes that the glove-like shoes for your
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feet detract from a professional military image. they say only shoes that accommodate all five toes in one compartment are allowed but some opponents say. ban puts looks before results. one anonymous army commander report said the shoes helped his shin splints but significantly reduced his running time. >> have you seen them? >> i have. i have a friend that wears them and swears by them. i would like to think if they were better for you but, you know. >> you know, it's the u.s. army. so severe storms or some storms. >> i think we're going to have some storms and i think some of the rain could be heavy. i don't think we're going to have widespread severe. don't cancel all your plans but we've been telling you heading into the holiday sunday will be the wettest of the three days. that's tomorrow. we hit a hot high today and went all the way up to 95 degrees.
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it's pretty quiet right now with nothing going on around the city weatherwise so you're good to go with evening plans. into the eastern panhandle, west virginia, and western maryland we've had some thunderstorms tonight and that's where they are right now. we started at 68. right now the dew point is at 60. it's starting to get stickier out there and it's 81 degrees. here's a look with it. will it rain this holiday weekend? we've been talking about the chances for rain mostly tomorrow and the forecast is pretty much staying on track for that. there's a 50% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. the fireworks displace 9:00 on monday evening should be dry. southern maryland, northern neck of virginia, there might be an isolated thunderstorm or two in that area but widespread, no. not looking at that. how about the radar? where is it raining tonight? a handful of storms are right here toward hancock, maryland, good evening. and out into west virginia. but other than that it's quiet
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around the viewing area and the beltway so you're in pretty good shape tonight and tomorrow morning as well. tomorrow the temperatures will ease back down into the lower 70s in d.c., 70 in st. mary's city and a handful of 60s. tomorrow afternoon a trip up closer to 90. not as hot as today because there's more cloud cover and better chances for showers and storms. future cast shows you the time, 1:00 sunday, storms and showers developing and by 8:00 things winding down with just some clouds around. here's your july 4th forecast. looking good at 9:00. any thunderstorm chances better odds the farther south you are. so let's put it in writing. headed to the beach, i think you're going to like this forecast, too. you have some thunderstorms in the forecast but not as many. 40% chance tomorrow. 30% chance on the 4th with highs in the middle 80s. looking ahead, that's 90 on july 4th. looking pretty good and as we
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think past that we'll keep temperatures many up thor 80s to near 90 for the rest of the week. our next hurdle in terms of showers and storms will be on thursday and that will be the best chance and isolated shots on friday, craig, so everybody have a safe, holiday weekend as you continue to celebrate. >> thank you very much. still ahead, a new still [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. hot day at the ballpark. >> beautiful day. a great day for two. ernie banks said that. the old hall of fame chicago cubs' second baseman. here's another one.
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hall of famer jode dimaggio. written on the tunnel of the nats clubhouse. one guy that always gives his best. future hall of famer, pudge rodriguez. let's go to the ballpark. when you go to the park, you don't forget your glove and your hotdog hat. facing andrew mccutchen on first. jason at the wall and leaps in and out of his glove. oh, man. >> $17 million a year. >> it's 2-1, pirates. more bitterness for werth. brad lincoln gets jason fans booing. pirates up 3-2. runners and first and second and
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ramos at the place. throw, not so good at the left. the game is tied at three. davey johnson calling the double steal. two on and two out for pudge rodriguez, pinch-hitting against tony watson. 0-2 count. this is called clutch hitting, kids. lines one to right. ric coming around from third and the throw is not in time and he's in there. nats take a 4-3 lead. watch pudge's reaction. oh, yeah. nats win 4-3 and fans hoping the fireworks will continue through the rest of the homestand. same two teams tomorrow at 1:35. the braves beat the orioles 5-4. baltimore has lost five straight. day two of nhl free agency and the capitals continue to make big moves tonight sending a goaltender to a one year deal worth was 1.5 million. he is a solid veteran presence for the young players.
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playing for two nhl teams. last season with the panthers. he was 4-0 with the panthers. his . 922 save percentage was good for ninth. matt bradley will play for the old club and he signed a two-year contract with the panthers. the veteran forward spent the last six seasons with the capitals. the month of june was rough for d.c. united. the black and red didn't win a game so tonight against first-place philadelphia, united tried to kick off the month of july on the right boot. here at rfk. check out the mohawk. a new player. dwyane d rosario in the starting lineup making an immediate impact. 44th minute, no score, d.c. united. the pass to two defenders to the foot of josh wolf. beautiful. we're rolling on that. >> he's a dancer. >> we have video. 1-0, d.c. united. game tied at one and andy najar
11:25 pm
with the ball from 35 yard out. are you kidding me? beats the philly keeper and united gets a 2-1 lead. union on the offensive and great ball in the box. carlos ruiz gets it and he puts it past bill hamid. d.c. united is winless in its last five games. the women's world cup in germany, the cust taking on colombia. 12th minute, off the colombia turnover. heather o'reilly with the right foot in the upper 90s. a phenomenal goal by riley. team usa saluting the american military members at the game. second half, lauren cheney to megan and the coach is -- take a listen here on a mic. >> wired for sound! >> she's singing bruce springsteen's "born in the usa." they earn a spot in the quarterfinals and they'll take on sweden on wednesday.
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maria sharapova against petra k slchvitava in the far c. sharapova throws up a defensive shot but just waiting for this and puts away the volley very nice. she wins the first set. 6-3. the championship point rips it by sharapova and that's it. she upset sharapova winning her first wimbledon championship and the first lefty since martina navratilova. you can see the match here on sunday. golf, the at&t national outside of philadelphia. several players in contention hoping to strike a pose like this little guy. yay! one of them, fairfax native, he had nine bird disin the round
11:27 pm
and finished with a 63 and he sits at 7 under, two shots behind the leaders. one leader, nick watney who not shot a 62. he shares the lead with rickie fowler at 9 under par. i'll admit i follow rickie fowler on twitter and what he says is "it's go time." >> i don't like to see fans booing jayson werth. b[ kate ] if this icelandic mud could work wonders on my skin,
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the following is an address from the president of the united states. >> good evening. as you probably know, over the last several days leaders of the republican-controlled house and democratic-controlled

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